35 babies died from Jan-Apr 2018- Opposition calls for swift action to address problem

Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence told the National Assembly on Thursday that out of 6409 live births, 119 deaths of  occurred at the Georgetown Public Hospital for the Period June 2017 to June 2018. It was also revealed that 35 babies died from January to April 2018.

The Minister further admitted that this amount is far too many, that out of a total 1,115 a total of 10.3% admission resulted in deaths.

According to the GPHC “itcontinues to work closely with the Ministry of Public Health, the Pan American Health Organization and other agencies in an effort to further decrease neonatal mortality in Guyana.”

The GPHC noted that the hospital is home to the only level 3 NICU in Guyana, this means that GPHC is the only public hospital that is capable of providing a neonate with invasive breathing support. Therefore, GPHC receives the sickest and most high risk neonates from BOTH the public and private medical institutions, countrywide The hospital also noted that it has capacity to simultaneously support 18 babies in the NICU. However, because sick babies arrive every day, the admission numbers trend over this frequently. The GPHC furhter stated that it provides care to all babies and does not turn away any sick baby that arrives.



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