6-year-old body discovered

On Tuesday, 6 years old Ramesh Khan, a students of Abrams Creek Primary school, allegedly dissapeared under water as he went to wash his feet in the Pomeroon River. His lifeless body was discovered on Wednesday. The grade one child of Abrams Creek Upper Pomeroon River allegedly died around 11:45hrs.

kareena Singh, an 8 years old a student of the Abrams Creek school, said that about 11:40 hours, during lunch hours, she and the deceased were playing under the health post building when Khan told her he going and wash his foot. Singh told investigators that Khan left and went to the health post landing, shorty after, she saw the boy’s two hands up in the air in the water.

She began to scream and due to her screaming, she alerted the teachers of the school, who was at the time in the upper flat of the school having lunch, she said. They  immediately ran to the landing, but the deceased was already gone, the child noted.

Investigations are ongoing.

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