AFC says Opposition sabotaging health sector

With numerous cases of mistreatment, neglect and drug shortages among others in the health system across the country, the Alliance for Change (AFC) is seeking to lay the blame at the feet of the Opposition for the current situation of the health sector in Guyana.

According to a statement from the AFC, the party held it second quaterly meeting of the National Executive Committee on Tuesday and said that the party is aware that there is an alarming rate at which drugs are being purportedly dispensed at the various medical institutions across the country, the party is contending that this high rate of issuance of drugs is resulting in a shortage of medications.

Due to this shortage of drugs, persons would normally be referred to the Pharmacies to source their medications. The party is contending that the complex issue revolves around Opposition political party operatives within the health care system sabotaging the health care system.

Only last week a young woman lost her baby due to alleged negligence by hospital officials. Guyana Daily News was informed that a 15 years old young lady, was forced to deliver the 8lbs baby through normal means after doctors stated that she was too young to have the delivery via C-section.

Guyanaa Daily News was also told that among other things, a machine which connected to the teenager during delivery, broke down, doctors were literally pressing against her tommy to force the baby out and following delivery, she was forced to receive internal and external stiches.

Several hospitals around the country have been reporting of shortages of medicine and equipment for patients in the health care system, including the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The Government budgeted some $33 billion for the health sector in 2018. Of this amount $2.4 billion was scheduled for the upgrade, maintenance and construction of health facility. Some $600 million for medical equipment and over $2.2 billion for medical supplies.

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