AFC sets date to meet with APNU, outline demands in letter to APNU

The Alliance for Change (AFC) on Thursday wrote, Leader of the APNU, David Granger, outlining its position on various issues. The party also set out a date for the two party to meet so that they can discuss matters relating to the upcoming Local Government Elections,  (LGE).

According to the AFC, the letter was in response to Mr. Trotman’s letter of February 26, in which the AFC Leader detailed issues of concern to the party and sought for the two parties to engage in discussions on these and other matters.

The AFC said that the letter which was writte  by Mr. Trotman, outlined to Mr. Granger, that the AFC proposes a meeting of the two parties on Monday, May 7 with a view to commence discussions on the path to Local Government Elections.

The AFC has named its team for these discussions, David Patterson, Michael Carrington, Marlon Williams and Dr. Vincent Adams.

The AFC also said that the party stipulated that the party will allow additional time for the two parties to have a definitive written agreement in the form of a Local Government Elections Accord.

The NEC also took a decision for all party groups to fully activate its campaign preparations protocols and this will commence in earnest.
In addition to these matters, Mr. Trotman’s letter to His Excellency also details some AFC positions for negotiation of the LGE Accord.

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