Another AFC member in spotlight for harrassing citizens

The Alliance For Change in a press release stated that it has become aware of a social media post regarding an alleged sexual mistreatment against one of the delegates in the upcoming Linden Town Week Pagent by one of its members.

The party leadership has communicated with the named member and the party and will launch its own investigation into the matter and act in accordance with the findings. The AFC said that it is against the mistreatment of females and will take appropriate action should any misconduct in this, or any other regard, be proven, the statement noted.

The incident allegedly took place when the delegates of the upcoming Linden Twon Week Pageant, sought sponsorship from a businessman in Linden and that the Town Council is allegedly trying to cover up the incident.

However, the Council on Monday noted via a statement, that it is against the councils’ ideals to aid or abet any activities that demean women. It further said that its staff members were prohibited from releasing any information on the issue because it is a sensitive case and that the council is doing its own investigations.

The Council further informed via the statement that, the matter was settled on March 6th, the incident allegedly took place on March 3rd. However, the council later learned that the issue was not settled, but that the woman did not wish to move forward with the issue.

Recently, another member of the AFC in Berbice assaulted a man. Abel Seetaram, was locked up for allegations that he assaulted a 54-year-old man,  Nateram Rabindranauth who was hospitalised, Seetaram alegedly settled that matter out of court.


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