APNU should not lecture about civility during protest action- PPP

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has noted the comments from Minister of State Joseph Harmon, about protecting national pride and maintaining civility, in response to the protest actions staged by the political Opposition.

According to the Party, while the Minister talks about civility in protests, he seems to have been afflicted by amnesia of some sort.

When has the PNC-led Coalition ever exhibited civility in local politics? The Minister ought to take a lesson in civility from the PPP supporters who protested outside Public Buildings on Thursday, no buildings were burned, no property was damaged, no citizen was beaten and there were no vulgar displays, like the one captured on video, showing a Coalition supporter exposing himself to the public.

The PPP will not be lectured about civility in the political arena, least of all by this government.

When Minister Harmon talks about national pride, does he not remember the PNC travelling to Suriname and signing an MOU with the Surinamese, when Guyana was addressing the matter of Suriname’s unsubstantiated claim to our country’s territory?

When the Coalition disparaged hardworking Guyanese, by claiming our economic progress was due to narco-activity and that Guyana was a nacro-state, was national pride being protected then?

Were these responsible actions in the best interest of the country? These are just a few instances where national pride was undermined by this PNC-led government. ‎
Speaking about national pride and civility seems to be the latest attempt to divert attention by the APNU+AFC government from the issue at hand – the unilateral, illegal and unconstitutional appointment of retired Justice, James Patterson, as the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).
The PPP maintains its position that, Thursday’s protest action was not about “tearing down national institutions and bringing disrespect and disregard to those institutions,” as claimed by Minister Harmon.

The Minister was interestingly silent when his colleague Minister, Simona Broomes, used the Chambers of the National Assembly for her infamously distasteful ‘boom out selfie-video’.

He was also silent when another of his colleague Ministers, Raphael Trotman, descended into personal attacks and a tirade, which saw the use of the most unparliamentarily language ever used in the House.

This is about highlighting an egregious breach of the Constitution by President David Granger, in unilaterally and illegally appointing a GECOM Chairman, who is plagued by questions about his credibility and his ability to act in an impartial manner.

Minister Harmon’s objection about the protest action occurring in the presence of the diplomatic corps is a curious one.

The PPP maintains that the protest actions were deemed to be the adequate response to highlight to Guyanese, as well as to the international community, the seriousness of the President’s unconstitutional action.
The State Minister claims that the Guyanese public expects more of their leaders and in this regard, he is correct – the Guyanese people expect constitutional compliance, respect for the rule of law and actions that are taken in their best interest, unlike what we have seen since the APNU+AFC Coalition took office.

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