Blacklisting breaches citizens’ constitutional right – Former AG


Former Attorney General of Guyana, Anil Nandlall has noted Nandlall noted that the current constitutional travesty in Guyana is aggravated by the fact that persons who have been blacklisted by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) were not duly informed.

He opined that they will come to know of their fate when they arrive at the ports of entry/exit to travel.

It was recently revealed that SOCU has prevented some 200 persons from leaving Guyana as it intensifies investigations into the findings of forensic reports; the list of persons blacklisted keeps increasing daily. Recently, PPP Parliamentarian, Juan Edgill, wrote the Police Commissioner seeking the names of the 200 persons who have been blacklisted.

But the former AG in a Facebook post noted that while he was Attorney General, advice was given to the police force not to prevent persons from leaving Guyana, because preventing someone from leaving the country is against their Constitutional Right.

According to Nandlall, blacklisting persons from leaving Guyana is nothing new to the nation, pointing out that it was a regular feature in the Burnham/Hoyte era of governance.

The former AG, now Opposition Parliamentarian noted that blacklisting persons from leaving Guyana was done on a regular basis to prevent political opponents of the then PNC Government from leaving Guyana, including now Minister of Education, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine and Head of SARU, Dr. Clive Thomas.

Mr. Nandlall stated that at the 12th Biennial Congress and of the PNC which was held in August 2015 at Congress Place saw President David Granger recommitting the PNC’s allegiance to returning ‘Burnhamism’, which included ‘blacklisting’ persons from leaving Guyana.

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