Bridge toll to increase 100%, river toll 700% with new DHB.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, stated that the Minister of Public Infrastructure in clueless about the Pre-feasibility and Feasibility study of the new Demerara Harbor Bridge.

Mr. Jagdeo stated that the pre- feasibility is not $103 million as the Minister of Public Infrastructure has indicated, but, just under USD$30,000, and that the Minister’s information is false.

The Opposition Leader lashed out at the Minister for having very limited understanding of what a Pre-feasibility study is, he, Jagdeo, made it clear what a pre-feasibility study is, that is, the pulling together of facts, and hence the reason for the cost being just under USD$30,000.

Mr. Jagdeo went on to state what the pre-feasibility study compared, it compared a four lane fixed structure at Versailles, a high bridge with no openings, as against a four lane high bridge with fixed structure at Hope and a floating bridge.

Mr. Jagdeo then went on to state that the Government at the time in 2013, tested the market, and that if the Government had made a definitive decision on the Houston/Versailles location they would have not issued an expression of interest request to conduct the Feasibility study the media.

The Opposition Leader bashed the Minister for not being serious about the bridge, because he if he was then he would have sought the history of how the issue has evolved.

The Minister needs to answer several questions, what will be the increase in toll? and what will be the subsidy?. In the Government study, there will be a 100% increase in toll, the Government’s contribution will be USD$140.1 million over the first twelve years, this will cost three times the subsidy of the Berbice Bridge, tolls for river vessels will increase by 700% where as toll for the bridge will increase 100% of the present rates, Mr. Jagdeo noted.

The Opposition Party would like to know what debt the Government is leaving for the future of the country.

The party would like to know what structure the Government will be using, booth structure or Government financed structure, and If it is government structure, where is the monies coming from? And how the bridge has ended on Stanley Ming’s land? Mr. Jagdeo questioned.



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