CEO asked to leave PAC meetings


According to opposition member of Parliament, Juan Edgill, Finance Director of the GPHC, Ronald Charles’ inability to to answer questions put to him by the Public Account Committee is a deliberate attempt to styme the work of the body. A meeting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was held on Monday. “The CEO came here before and now he is coming to PAC with one member of staff who is not capable of answering the questions and is not in possession of information… it could very well be an attempt to hide information and frustrate the PAC,” Edghill noted.

Johnson who showed up with limited staff, was asked to leave the proceedings after a heated argument ensued between him and Opposition Member Juan Edgill.  

The PAC was at the time questioning the CEO of the GPHC on the non-submission of financial records for the period 2015-2016, when the officer stated that he was unable to provide the details of the account.

The CEO stated earlier that all unused monies were returned to the consolidated fund, however, he contradicted himself and sated “as far as he is aware” there were outstanding monies.

The CEO in an attempt to explain his inability to answer questions from the PAC, stated that the Finance Director had reported sick two days prior to the meeting of the PAC, which might have prompted Mr. Ali to ask the gentlemen to leave and return prepared to answer questions put to them.

“We will not allow you to waste PAC time and you Mr. CEO seem to be all cool about this,” he stated.

Edghill hinted to the CEO “you should hang your head in shame. Any CEO worth his salt would have come here with a proper team and you are being rude” the CEO then responded by saying “I am a big man” to which Edgjhill responded, “well behave like a big man.

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