Commander’s removal due to sexual; harassment- Police Source

While the police are reluctant to come out and state clearly, why Senior Superintendent Fazil Karimbaksh has been removed from his post as commander of ‘D’ Division, Guyana Daily News was reliably informed that the move has to do with sexual misconduct and harassment of female members of the Guyana Police Force.

On Tuesday, the senior officer was ordered to hand over his division to another Senior Superintendent and he was reposted to the Police Force Headquarters.

Checks by this online news outfit found that claims of sexual misconduct against the officer have been leveled against him while he served at the police ‘A’ Division and more recently in Linden, ‘E’ Division.

Most of the complaints came from ranks who are serving in Linden, who would have indicated that they are afraid to come forward as the officer would normally ensure that they are transferred deeper into the remote locations of the division or transferred outside of the division which is most cases is there hometown.

But, the claims of the harassment and sexual misconduct being leveled against the officer are nothing new and according to reliable sources who are close to persons making the claim. A number of senior officers within the Police Force including those at Force Headquarters are aware of this practices of the officer and as it was communicated to them on several occasion.

Two very high ranking police officers also had cause to caution the officer about his conduct in the past, but, things never changed and no sanctions were taken against him.

Daily News was told that after no actions were taken at the level of the police force as it relates to the claims against the commander, contact was made with the Subject Minister and another senior operative at the Ministry of the Presidency.

It is believe that it was that line of action by concerned persons that caused the police management to have no options but to act.

The Police Office of Professional Responsible has since confirmed that indeed the officer is being investigated for harassment against junior ranks of the force.

While there has been no official word on this from the police force, very senior operatives within the organization have confirmed that the harassment could be but are not limited to sexual harassment.

Two weeks ago Karimbaksh was sent to command the police ‘D’ Division after commander and others from other division were forced to take temporally reshuffling to facilitate a number of other seniors who have since gone on annualized vacation leave.





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