Fire Service do not waste water- Fire Officer

People who traverse along Water Street in the vicinity of the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) Headquarters on Water Street, Stabroek Georgetown, are claiming that the GFS waste a lot of water washing cars and the surroundings of the fire station, hence when the fire trucks arrive at a fire, it has no water.

But, according to the Fire Officer at the GFS, the fire attendants do not waste water, he is dispelling that claim as “absurd and highly preposterous.” He noted that the water is being used to keep the surroundings of the fire station and fire trucks clean. He further noted that the water is being pulled directly from GWI, because the fire hydrants at the GFS do not work every day.

As it regards to the fire trucks arriving at a fire scene without water, the fire officer noted that a fire truck can only accommodate 450 gallons of water, that is equivalent to one “black tank”, that water is pumped at 250 gallons per minute, so in less than three minutes the truck will be empty, he stated.

The officer further told the Guyana Daily News that when the water is finished, the fire attendants then look for open source of water to the extinguish the fire, that is a trench, canal, reservoirs, etc.

The fire officer is once again reminding all persons to assist the fire service and take the necessary precautions to help prevent fires from occurring by teaching children about fire safety measures, also to stop stealing electricity, put fire extinguishing apparatus in place among other measures.

Recently, there were numerous fires of unknown origin in Georgetown, East Coast and East Bank. The most recent being a fire at Albion that left a number of persons homeless. However, in some instances, there are claims by persons, that the fire service is not doing enough to save building/s, either by not arriving on time or lack of water to quench the fire.


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