Firearm Licenses Board to become operational

The Firearm Licensing Board will finally come to fruition after the names of the board members have been gazette on May 12, in the Official Gazette. The announcement of the names were done some four months ago by the government.

The new board members are; Chairman, Mr. Bert Sukai, Dr. Bhiro Harry, Ms. Kim-Kyte John, Dr. Yonette Roach as members and Ms. Christine Jagmohan as Board Secretary. The life of the board will last for one year. February 2018 to January 2019.  As a result, backlog of gun license applications will be dealt with, which amount to hundreds.

With the new amendments to the Firearm (amendment) Act of 2016, the rates for an application has increased. Shot gun and rifle has increased to $40,000, Pistols and revolvers $25,000 and shotgun $5,000.

The process for applying for license starts with an application to the Commander of the division in which the person lives, investigations will then be done by ranks at the station which includes integrity check as well as criminal records check.

The process then moves to the firearm licensing board for approval, if granted, the application goes to the subject Minister final approval.

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan had noted that there are some 4500 registered pistols, 3000 registered shotguns and 3047 registered rifles and about five gun dealers in Guyana.

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