Flood relief for Reg 8 residents 

As flood water recedes from the over topping of several rivers in Region 8 due to heavy rainfall, the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) in a ‘Donation drive’ have been able to get critical food supplies and drinking water to the Communities.

Flood waters receding from a house

In a statement, the APA who has staff on the ground at the villages reported that the as of 8:30 AM on Saturday Waipa village has seen a drop in water for about 15- 20 feet but the Ireng River is still very high. Kopinang Village had about 90 farms under water and in Chiung Mouth the water has covered the farms.

In Itabac, the school has been washed away and 47 farms have been destroyed. However, in Kaibarupaui the problem is much more dire as the residents are now facing an emergency situation.

“Residents have no food and need supplies urgently; they are hungry with the elderly and children especially affected,” the APA reported.

Flood Marker on a Tree

The APA has issued a list of food items that are need to be sent to the various community. These includes; farine, cassava bread, canned food, rice, tasso, corned mutton/beef, sardine, tuna, salt fish, salted meat, porridge stuff, milk, sugar, salt, milo, ovaltine, drink mixes, chowmein/pasta, peas, casareep, crackers, biscuits, teabags, other similar.

Other vital items which are need are tarpaulin, cooking oil, mosquito nets, hammocks, sheets, blankets, towels, toilet paper, disposable napkins, sanitary pads, laundry soap/detergent, bleach, bath soap, matches/lighters, rope, garbage bags, water purification tablets, clothes (underwear, etc.), reusable plastic eating utensils; buckets, insect repellent, other similar.

The APA is in the process of taking food supplies to Mahdia for shipment to Orinduik from where it will be boated upriver to the affected communities.  Donations can be sent to the Amerindian Peoples Association office, on 200 Charlotte Street, between Light and Cummings Street, Bourda, Georgetown, today up to 14:00hrs or during next week.

Persons are asked to contact the organisation’s office numbers on: (592) 227-0275 or (592) 223-8150 or our personnel Michael Mc Garrell at (592) 673-7480, Laura George at (592) 697-3093 and Jean La Rose at (592) 624-2992.

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