Former President throws weight behind Dr. Singh, Brassington

Former President Donald Ramotar, on Friday said that the he can vouch for the integrity, professionalism and integrity of Dr. Singh and Winston Brassington while they were in public office in Guyana.

Ramotar called the APNU+AFC  charges against the two men “vindictive” which sought only to destroy their professional lives. He stated that both Dr. Singh and Brassington worked dedicatedly to promote the country and that is the only crime the two would have committed while in office.

Mr. Ramotar further noted that the attack is a continuation of “the witch-hunting and the racial and political discrimination that has characterized this APNU+AFC regime since it took office in May of 2015.”

The former President further said that the Government was not satisfied with the men leaving the country to seek employment elsewhere, but is seeking to destroy their professional lives as well. “We cannot build a country with such vindictiveness and spite,” he noted.

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