GAWU joins the rest of Guyana in celebrating 51 years as an independent nation


The Guyana Agriculture and General Workers Union (GAWU) proudly celebrates this landmark of Independence with all Guyanese.

According to a release from the union “We need to recall, at this time, that there was near absolute consensus amongst our then leaders that we needed to shed the Constitutional and other chains with which we were then wrapped. Independence brought us and we joyfully welcomed our new status as citizens of Guyana, no longer colonial subjects tied to a “mother” country. It also brought heavy responsibilities to safeguard and deepen our newly won freedom and to ensure a prosperous future. The onus was now ours to chart our own course and it was recognized it needed to be strengthened by economic independence and social justice. Those objectives had to be our guide as a people. They had to be attained and sustained.”

GAWU feels certain that the attainment of Independence, which we fought for, motivated the social and economic progress of our country and was a decisive turning point for our all-round development. There are successes in several fields nationally and at the international level our country has earned recognition and respect. Our democratic culture which resurfaced over twenty (20) years ago, still, today faces new challenges and threats. Notwithstanding, the trials and setbacks the nation experienced and, most likely will face, we cannot deny the very many significant achievements as we overcame the negative legacy of colonialism.

The release said, the GAWU is aware that several key objectives are yet to be reached. One of these is our economic sovereignty which we see as crucial to safeguard our political independence especially in the context and circumstances that we see unfolding in today’s world.

The prospects for our country to grow and develop despite setbacks remain encouraging and we need to tackle the various tasks before us in a collective and united spirit. In this respect, our people, especially our working people needs to be encouraged and become involved in the decision-making levels of our society.

As we celebrate this historic anniversary, GAWU urges that we all recognize that we have a responsibility to let our democratic culture prevail. It is one of the strong strands that binds our nation and makes it united and free. Additionally, we share the belief that our independence will be secured and strengthened over time when every citizen is given to enjoy the fruits, benefits and opportunities of our collective efforts and work.


It is unfortunate to observe that our 51st Independence Anniversary finds us as a nation poised with further declining economic fortunes as the stage is being set to cut down the monumental sugar industry.


Happy Independence Anniversary to all Guyanese!

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