Gov. in breach of basic human rights and freedom- Veteran Trade Unionist

Veteran Trade Unionist, Lincoln Lewis told the press on Wednesday that the way the government is treating Guyanese teachers presently is a flagrant violation of fundamental human rights and freedom.

He said that the issue does not only affects trade unions but the entire Guyanese Society. The convention provides the right of each parties to elect their representatives and that it must be respected with regards to arbitration.

Lewis noted that it is unsual for the Labor Union to enter voluntary arbitration and then have the Labor Department impose a chairman on them, it smacks at all democratic process, he noted.

He said that the term voluntary arbitration goes hand in hand with nomination and that the person must be accepted by all parties.

He noted that both Ministers Amna Ally and Keith Scott mixed up Article 4 of the Labor Act which speaks to compulsory arbitration. There is a serious problem in Guyana whereby persons believe that the can fudge and violate the law with impunity, he said. The Government does not understand the issue at hand when they said that they will take to the courts should the teachers strike again. He said that GTUC will work with the Teachers Union to the fullest.


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