Gov. not sympathetic to economy- Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo said that Guyanese people are worried about the direction the country is heading. He made the revelation during a press conference on the lawns of his office at Church Street on Friday.

Jagdeo said he visited several communities across Guyana and the residents, after looking at the news on television and Facebook posts, noted that there is a reduction in security, increase in crime, loss of employment with very little job prospects in the future, also large scale corruption in the government.

He further expressed the concerns of the people who noted that, the government is more concerned with the amount of benefits they receive, the lavish lifestyle they sport and that they are forgetting the poor and working class citizens who need to have their concerns addressed.

The Opposition Leader went on to note the concerns of the people on the West Coast Demerara about the sea defense, especially at Utivlugt. He also noted that the roads in these communities are being neglected by the government. He stressed the farm to market road in some of the communities are non-existent. Further to this, Jagdeo also lamented on the plight of the workers in and around the community of Wales, where thousands of hard working people lost their jobs as a result of a political decision by the government.

He also made it known that the government can help the plight of the people in the rice and other industry, if it was sympathetic to the economy

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