Government failed to meet expectations- Jagdeo.

The Government has failed in its promises to the people and is clueless on the way forward, according to Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo at a press conference at his office on Church Georgetown.

Mr. Jagdeo stated that the Government’s ad in the newspapers about its achievements over the past two years is “ludicrous”. He noted that the ad was placed in an attempt to cover-up how badly the Government has failed to meet the expectations and promises to the people of Guyana. He further noted that the Government is “clueless” about where the country is going in terms development.

The Opposition Leader has characterized the Government as a masterpiece of incompetence, whereby the Cabinet is in a state of master confusion and disarray. He also noted that the Ministers of the the Government often times contradicts what is being said.

Mr. Jagdeo noted that within the past two years there was an unprecedented attack on the Judiciary by the Government, he also described the Government as “kleptocratic” (a government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves.)

Mr. Jagdeo wasted no efforts in berating the Government for dismantling the Integrity Commission. He also noted that the Government’s action is divisive even though they are speaking of Social Cohesion. He also reiterated the notion that funds from the Ministry of Social Cohesion has gone towards political campaigning. “We know about the discrimination of people on the basis of race and their politics.”

The Opposition Leader went to state that there has been a decline in almost every sector of the economy except for the Gold Mining Industry. He went on to state that the Government has been “creative” in manufacturing excuses for the decline in the economy, in an effort to hide their incompetence.

He also noted that the Government is plagued with greed, profligacy (reckless extravagance or wastefulness in the use of resources.), huge salary increases, extravagant travel allowances, spending on them-selves at state house and Ministry of the Presidency and executive style travel.

Many persons has lost their jobs in the country from places like Barama, in the retail trade, Amerindians directly from the Government, he noted. The Opposition Leader estimated approximately ten thousand persons have lost their jobs over the past two years under the new Government and another ten thousand once the reform is passed for the sugar industry. Mr. Jagdeo made it known that this is against a promise the Coalition Government made to people during the campaign period.

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