Government has more talk and less action- Jagdeo


Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo wasted no time in lambasting the Government for not performing to optimum. These sentiments were expressed at a press conference held at his office on Church Street on Wednesday.

Mr. Jagdeo stated that the Government has given themselves high marks for good governance; however he noted that persons on the ground have a different perspective about issues in the country.

The opposition leader went on to list a number of issues that are affecting the residents of the country. “The government saying they have ended blackout,” however, he noted that there is blackout about six or seven times on a daily basis.

“The reality is far from what we hear.” He further went on to state that the government has been propagating development, however, he opined that there is a decline in the economy in every sector coupled with a tremendous loss of job in every sector. He also noted that there is an overall sense that the country is heading nowhere.

Mr. Jagdeo also berated the government for lack of making available the right climate for businesses to invest. According to a World Bank report dated April 10, 2017, between 2005 and 2014, the economy grew by 4.7 percent per year on average, ending a disappointing decade of alternating years of growth and contraction. However, real GDP growth decelerated to 3.1 percent in 2015.

He also noted that the Government over the last two years has been selling myths to the Guyanese people that the country has been running on drugs money. He went on to say that two years in Government and it has failed to produce an iota of evidence in gold smuggling and that there is no evidence that the Government has solved any of the problems thus far. He cited a recent drug bust whereby no one was charged and a gold dealer that was allegedly involved in a fraud case is not solved and a former Permanent Secretary who had billions passing through his accounts has not been solved.

He stated that if there exist a problem, it is getting worst, the Governments talks are not substantiated by their actions.

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