GPA condemn Chronicle’s decision to ban columnists

Lincoln Lewis and Dr. David Hinds, two known supporters of the APNU+AFC government were not allowed to publish their articles in the State Owned, Guyana Chronicle for over two weeks.

As a result, the Guyana Press Association has issued a statement via their Facebook page, condemning the move by the State owned entity. The association noted that it find it strange that after two and a half years of publishing articles in the paper, that they were disallowed to continue publishing their columns.

The GPA further noted that it hopes the Editor-in-Chief, Board of Directors and government revisit the actions taken by the State owned paper. The two men were to some extent critical of the certain decisions by the Government.

Dr. Hinds noted in a statement to the press, “I am not sure whether the decision to continue my column was politically motivated. It is not clear whether the decision was taken in-house, at the level of the Board or within the political corridors. But because I am a political person who comments on political matters, it is not out of place to speculate that the decision was politically motivated, I am aware, that sometimes junior agents of the government do bad things because they feel that is what the government wants them to do. So, maybe persons in the management feel that my independent stances which are sometimes critical of the government are not fit for a state-owned entity, Or maybe they were given directives from above. I don’t know. Only the editor in chief and his leadership team and can answer that they should also say whether their decision was sanctioned by the Board. And the Board has to say what role, if any, it played in the decision. Did the editor act based on directives from the Board, political overlords or on his own behalf? I feel that the Chronicle has slipped right back to where it was during the Jagdeo years—it has again become an unvarnished mouthpiece of the government. I feel that my column and Lincoln Lewis’s are critical to holding the line against that trend.”

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