GPF Traffic Ranks get first Roundabout Training at MOPI

On Wednesday May 2, 2018, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Maintenance, Traffic and Safety, Transport and Planning and Design Engineer departments, conducted its first training exercise with over 13 Officers of the Guyana Police Force Traffic Department, on the usage of the soon to be commissioned Kitty Roundabout.

Kister Hinds, Maintenance/Traffic/Safety and Project Coordinator said that while the roundabout is new to everyone it is fitting that the GPF Traffic department be the first to understand its operations.

“So the intention is have you officers understand how to use the roundabout and then you can assist by educating drivers as well.”

MOPI noted that officers were educated on the speed limit when approaching the roundabout, right of way when in the circulatory lanes, the do’s and don’ts for Moto Vehicles, Pedal and Moto Cyclists. Pedestrian Crossings, what drivers need to do when you are in the circulatory lane and hear an emergency vehicle approaching, One way traffic, Traffic Movements on the Kitty Public, JB Singh, Carifesta Avenue and Seawall Roads.

Patrick Thompson, Chief Transport, and Planning Officer-MOPI told the officers that many persons may want to ask what is the purpose of a roundabout.

“It was an engineering decision to improve the circulation of traffic at kitty junction. The science tells us that roundabouts under certain conditions can operate even better than traffic signals why, because the thing about traffic signal it is pre-timed.”

Thompson further explained that “A traffic count was conducted by the department and it was discovered that based on the volumes that were circulating at the different legs of the junction, where one leg was having 15 seconds and another 20 or 30 seconds. When the condition changes during off-peak hours, vehicles are made to stop at an intersection while over on another lane it is empty.” Thus the reason for the roundabout Thompson said.

The Officers were also taken to the kitty Roundabout location where more explanations were given. The over 13 Traffic Officers were later given a booklet entitled; “A Guide to Using the Kitty Roundabout.” Attached to the booklet was also a map labeled with the different markings and signs of the roundabout.

According to Kister Hinds, a full public relations campaign will be launched soon and will be placed on television, radio, print and social media.

The department will also host similar Sensitization sessions with the Guyana Fire Service and Medical Emergency personnel tomorrow Thursday at 1pm. The media will have theirs next week Thursday at 10am.

Early this year, the Kitty roundabout is a $78.9 million contract that has been awarded to S. Jagmohan Hardware Suppliess and Construction Services. When completed, the flow of traffic in the area is expected to significantly improve; enabling drivers to reach their destinations effortlessly and reduce the number of vehicles travelling on East Coast of Demerara, Carifesta Avenue or in the vicinity of Kitty.

The project was expected to be completed in June/July but according to MOPI Engineers the contractor is ahead of schedule and is expected to finish the project by mid-May. S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Construction Services also constructed the East Bank Overpasses which will have it’s elevators installed within a few weeks.


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