Guns, ammo found in three separate police division

One revolver, one DC-9 firearm and one 12 gauge shotgun were found by the police in Georgetown, East Coast and Essequibo during operations.
In the case of ‘A’ Division (Georgetown) the weapon that was recovered was a revolver and three matching rounds. That gun was stolen from the owner some time ago.

The police managed to gather information and picked up a man who took them to where the gun was being hidden in Timehri. His explanation to ranks were that it was given to him by another man who claimed that he had found it. That gun was stolen from a license firearm holder.
The police are continuing their investigations into that matter.

In ‘C’ Division (East Coast Demerara) at Cummings Lodge, the police on patrol on Friday night intercepted a man who was riding a motorcycle which carried no registration plate.  The rider of the bike had a bag strapped around him and the cops asked to take a look at its contents.
That was allowed and they discovered the DS firearm with its serial number intact. The weapon was without rounds and a magazine, he remains in the custody of the police,

And in ‘G’ Division (Essequibo) a joint operation between the police, army and CANU found that an illegal 12 gauge shot gun was concealed on a vessel at the mouth of Pomeroon which was heading into Region 1 with dry goods and beverages.
The intelligence led operation resulted in the bowman and the captain being arrested for the find and the boat lodged with the police. It is unclear which if any of them, has since claimed ownership of the weapon and ammunition.

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