Guyana/Suriname yet to initiate official communication on gruesome piracy attack

Days after reports surfaced in Suriname and eventually reached Guyana about a piracy attack in the Dutch speaking country, a number of senior officials here in Guyana have confirmed that they are yet to receive official communication from their counterparts in Suriname.

Guyana Daily News was able to confirm that Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder, did not hear from his counterpart in Suriname but, admitted that he has asked his local officers to track the development and provide him with a report as to what really transpired.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge, also reported that he received no communication out of Suriname pertaining to what transpired in that country relating to the piracy attack which has left some sixteen men suspected to be Guyanese, missing at sea.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, also could not give any information of the circumstances as he was not briefed by anyone, local or abroad.

At least one senior police source,indicated that the Guyana Police Force, which has been in dark over the issue as early as Monday only began communicating with their Surinamese counterpart sometime on Tuesday.

Prior to that, the force was only hearing of the development through social media and unofficial channels, according to the senior officer. This was more than 48 hours after the incident was first reported to Suriname authorities.

Relatives of the missing men who are residing in that country, reported that they were informed by the security forces that the search is in the verge of being called off because the prospects of finding persons alive are very slim.

This is due to the fact that the pirates tied the hands and feet of the men before anchoring them with car batteries and tossing them into the river.

The attack was committed on four boat and affected some twenty person, four of whom managed to be rescued and return to shore where they shared the harrowing tales of what took place on sea.

They claimed that they were attacked by Guyanese pirates and were tortured, beaten and robbed of their catch.

While the relatives are contending that the search was called off based on what they were reportedly told by Suriname law enforcement, the media in that country is reporting that the law enforcement is pushing ahead with the search.

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