Harmony village 2018 officially opens.

Today the Ministry of Social Cohesion opened its annual harmony village on Main Street.

Declaring the event open was Minster of Social Cohesion, Dr, George Norton. Dr. Norton noted that unity does not lie in uniformity and it is about variety. He further noted that as Guyanese we must be exposed to different ways of life and but it does not mean one should accept them ad your own. One should respect the customs and belief of our fellow brothers and sisters.

He stressed that if we are to truly become united, we must become cognizant and aware of who we truly are. Promotion of diversity and tolerance is to be proud of our selves, culture, traditions, religions and by that we will be able to appreciate the differences and similarities of those around us, the Minister underscored. The Minister further stressed that Guyanese children should be able to grow in a society regardless of who they are.

Harmony Village, was opened under the theme; ‘Building Partnerships: Promoting Community and National Cohesion’. Ms. Gopaul Technical Officer, noted that as a celebration of Guyana’s diversity. “It is bringing all of our stakeholders together in one space so that we can celebrate our diversities. It’s about us creating a space; a safe space, a space where we celebrate each other,”

This year, Harmony Village will see 95 organisations participating. The event stretches from Church Street and Middle Street, the roadways as well is being used. Traffic have been diverted due to the activity.



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