I have fundamental differences of opinion with COI recommendations-Ramjattan

The Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan who is on the records as stating that he believes that Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum has been performing exceptional among things, is claiming that he does not agree with all the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry Report into the plot to the kill the president.
The report which was presented to the National Assembly on Thursday among other things recommended that Blanhum be removed from the Office of Crime Chief and reassigned as he has poor leadership qualities.
Today, Ramjattan said that he has fundamental differences of opinion with respect to the recommendations of the COI while pointing out the recommendations are only the perspectives of the Commissioner of the Inquiry (Paul Slowe) a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police.
Ramjattan said that the decisions to act on the report and the recommendations are that of the president but that he is certain that the president will consult with others first before making decisions.
The minister stated too, that he is also sure one of the person the president would be consulting with would be him (Ramjattan) and when he (President Granger) does, he (Ramjattan) will let the president know how he feels about certain aspects of the report.
Among other recommendations of t he report are that the Commissioner of Police be made to resign under conditions that the president sees fit or otherwise, initiate a process provided for in the constitution to have the commissioner removed from office.
Recommendations were also made for several persons to be sanctioned and or either be removed from their current positions and reassigned for the role they played as it relates to investigating the plot to kill the president.
Ramjattan told the media this morning that the cabinet has not yet deliberated the contents of the report which has been engaging the attention of the president for almost two months now. He said that when the cabinet deliberates the issues, he will address contents of the report.

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