King and Greene not fit and proper to run city- MAPM

The Movement against Parking Meter (MAPM) is calling on the Minister of Communities, Hon. Ronald Bulkan, and the Local Government Commission to hold the Mayor and Town Clerk responsible for the mismanagement of the City of Georgetown.

Via a statement to the media, the entity noted that it is in solidarity with former Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan’s no-confidence motion against Town Clerk Royston King and is calling for a no-confidence motion to be brought against the Mayor, Patricia Chase-Greene.

The movement noted that the motion was long overdue because of the countless instances that the Town Clerk flouted the basic establishment of transparency and accountability and called the manner in which he governs the affairs if the city oppressive. The body is noting that the Mayor and Town Clerk are showing great disrespect to the Councilors of the M&CC.

MAPM also noted that the Mayor and Councilors were part of the same process of moving a vote of no-confidence against former Twon Clerk, Carol Sooba, and is calling on the Mayor to offer an explanation as to why that motion had a loci standi and Mr. Duncan’s motion doesn’t.

The body further informed that the bullyism, cronyism, nepotism and reckless decisions amounts to nothing more than corrupt transaction and cannot pass the basic transparency test. The MAPM is contending that both Mayor and Town Clerk are not fit and proper to administer the affairs of the City of Georgetown.

As a result, the MAPM will be holding a peaceful silent protest in front of City Hall tomorrow, 15th March at 12:00hrs, in solidarity of Councillor Duncan’s motion and also rejection of the way the Mayor and Town Clerk continues to run the city.

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