Law and procedures should be clarified for elections recounts – Carter Canter

According to one of the recommendations put forward by the Carter Center elections report, based on the outcome of the 2015 Regional and General Elections, Government should strengthen the professionalism and independence of Guyana Elections Commissions (GECOM) by closely evaluating the structure recruitment and training of GECOM staff and Commissioners.

In addition, the Carter Center observers also suggested that the administration should seek to clarify the law and procedures for recounts. According to the report, to secure the right to effective remedy, clear guidelines for a recount should be developed and made publicly available.

Recount guidelines should provide details for how to request a recount, specify conditions under which recounts would be required, establish common decision, making criteria, the Carter Center recommended.

ItĀ  was further recommended that for officials regarding granting of recounts, establish detailed procedures on how recounts will be conducted, provide information on the transparency of the recount process, ensure access by the party agents and observers ad provide timelines that correspond to other components of the electoral and dispute resolution processes.

Additionally the report said that consideration should be given to the provision of automatic recounts between the top two candidates if a district falls between a certain threshold.

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