Loud music in minibus leads to attempted robbery charge -man feels slighted by justice system

Fifty-one-year old Jankie Sugrim of Parika, East Bank Essequibo feels that he was robbed by the system which is intended to  victims get the justice they deserve.

According to the resident, his troubles started on April 25 last while he was on his way to Georgetown where he works at Guyana Stores as a senior mechanic.

Sugrim told Guyana Daily News that the loud music which was being played in the minibus caused a few of the passengers to miss their destinations since the driver could not hear when they asked to be dropped off.

The man said he requested that the conductor turned the music down several times during his journey but stated that all his requests were ignored.

While exiting the bus at Vreed-En-Hoop junction, Sugrim claims that he was physically assaulted by the conductor.

“I then tell the conductor yall does look for people to report yall, then he started assaulting me, I sustained visible injuries to my face and I decided to report the matter to the Vreed-En-Hoop police station and they told me to get a medical certificate stating my injuries.”

According to Sugrim the conductor was later arrested and filed counter charges against him.

“Imagine to my surprise I was arrested and charged for attempted robbery and assault and was placed on $100,000 bail by the magistrate. I was the victim and yet I was being charged,” the man said.

According to Sugrim, he could not afford the services of a lawyer and was told by the presiding magistrate that he would have to lead his own defense.

The man told this news entity that he was tried without being served any statements by police or given time to prepare his defense.

He said last week he was told by the magistrate that he was found guilty of the offence and was placed on a bond for one year.

“This is a blatant breach of my constitutional and democratic fundamental rights as a citizen of this country, why is it because I am a poor man and cannot afford to pay off anyone,” the distraught man stated.

He is of the view that there is no justice for people like him in society.


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