Mahaicony family detained after in law found dead

A fisherman who was earlier on Sunday evening observed drinking with his wife and her parents is now dead after they alleged that he fell and hit his dead while attempting to walk under the influence.

The police have since arrested the dead man’s wife, his mother and father-in-law at whose home they were all drinking.

Relatives said that 23 year old Muneshwar Bisnauth, was heard arguing with his father in law during their drinking spree and that moment later, they began seeing movements in the yard which raised their suspicion.

One man recalled hearing the father-in-law of the deceased asking his wife to go for the flash light and right away he became aware that something was not right and went over to the yard where she saw the young father lying on the ground.

He enquired and it was then that he was told that the man fell and hit his head.

The police were then called in. When they arrived on the scene, they questioned the trio who maintained their story.

“Pig Egg” as the man was fondly called in his community was described as a man who worked hard to care for his wife and their young child.

The police are likely to keep the trio in custody until the postmortem for the man is completed and the cause of death is determined.

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