Mahaicony man was killed by father-in-law, police got confession

Police detectives in ‘C’ Division had little worries solving the case of the body of man found in his mother and father-in -law’s yard Sunday night.

Yesterday, the father-in-law of Muneshwar, confessed to striking the 23 year-old to the head during an argument Sunday night at Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara.

The man, his daughter and wife had first claimed that the dead man received his fatal injuries by tripping and fall while under the influence.

However, as the three were questioned simultaneously at different police stations across the division, Kamal Samaroo confessed to the crime.

He however did not say what role his wife and daughter (wife of the dead man) played in the crime except that they all attempted to mislead persons as to what really happened to the young man.

There are claims that the suspect’s wife had been advising her husband to dump the man’s body into a nearby canal to cover their track but the relatives of the dead man arrived just in the nick of time.

Asked what might have caused the friction between the two sides, Guyana Daily News was informed by a relative that the in laws of the now dead man have been carrying bad blood for him ever since he and the daughter of the suspect shacked up and began living at the victim’s parent’s home.

They two also have a young child together.
The parents of the dead man’s wife were never appreciative of them sharing a relationship and as such segregated themselves from him and would deny him access to their family functions although his reputed wife would be invited.

The police are now awaiting a postmortem result following which the file will be sent to the director of Public Prosecution for advice on the possible charges to be laid.

It is unclear if all three family members would be charged or if the man who confessed to the crime would be the lone accused.

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