Man accuses police of biasness

The driver of a motorcar which was involved in an accident with a police vehicle at Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara earlier in the week, is complaining about the police being bias, because he was not wrong in the accident.

The driver, Safraz Sherif, spoke to Guyana Daily News on Friday and related what transpired on the day of the accident.

According to Mr. Sharif, he was heading towards Vreed-en-Hoop while the police vehicle was heading towards the Demerara Harbor Bridge. The police vehicle had on its siren.

The man then noted that a vehicle overtook him and probally noticed the police vehicle with the siren coming in the opposite direction, Shrarif then related that the vehicle which overtook him, swerved infront of him and stopped.

Mr. Sharif then accounted that there were school children standing on the road side and could not swerve to his right to prevent hitting the car from behind, so he decided to skip lanes and go to the extreme left of the road.

The man then noted that he came to a dead stop. He further allegedges that the police vehicle them swerve and hit the car to the side.

He was the  taken to the Leonora Police Station and placed on $50,000 bail, he related.

However, he is saying that the police is demanding that their vehicle be fixed without the insurance getting involved, even as he contends that the police is in the wrong.

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