Man discovered in pool of blood at Vergenoegen

The body of Nair Khan, 30 years, was discovered in a pool of blood in Vergenoegen, EBD, about 06:00hrs this morning.

The porter of Bud Street, Line Top, Vergenoegen, EBE, was discovered with a gaping wound on his left hand.

According to police investigations, about 22:00h last night, the deceased and a male company were imbibing at the suspect’s Burn Street, Vergenoegen, EBE, home when an argument erupted over an accusation that the victim was having a relationship with the suspect’s wife.

The argument reportedly escalatet and the suspect allegedly stabbed the porter, he then fled the scene, leaving a trail of blood; the body was discovered about 110 yards from where the incident occurred.

Investigators have since obtained a statement from the suspect’s wife who was present when the incident occurred. The police is currently seeking the wear about of the suspect. The body is presently at Ezekiel Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem.


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