Million in damage as reputed wife sets fire to home

A woman who accused her reputed husband of having an affair, this afternoon set fire to his Pineapple Street East Ruimveldt home sending millions up in flames according to the now displaced man, Sherwin Barrington.

Guyana Daily News has been informed that the woman showed up at the man’s home and accused him of having an affair with a worker of the Guyana Water Inc. and he denied the allegation. The woman became upset and entered the house where she spent some time and then left.

Moments after she left, persons observed fire coming from the building which sits south of a two dwelling range. By then the woman had already made good her escape with their two year old son in hand.

Force officer Wickham, told the press on the scene that they are treating the fire as a case of arson given the report that they received from the home owner.
He said that the fire service responded with four tenders, two from central fire service, and one from West Ruimveldt and another from Albert town.
A visit inside the building proved that the top of the two storied building was completely destroyed. There were two bedrooms up the upper flat of the building while the sitting room and kitchen and washroom are In the lower flat. The investigations into the matter are ongoing even as the woman is being sought.

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