Minister Broomes denies knowledge of parking lot fiasco

Junior Minister of Natural Resource, Simona Broomes has denied knowledge of what transpired a few days ago at the New thriving Restaurant, Providence, East Bank Demerara.

The Junior Minister who is no stranger to controversy, told reporters upon her entrance into Parliament on Thursday, that she doesn’t know what the media is talking about when questioned about her misrepresentation of the incident.

The Minister would not say if she would apologise to the guards who spent approximately 16 hours of their life behind bars because the Minister misrepresented the incident.

A video surfaced shortly after the altercation, showing a total different story of what the Minister reported. According to the video, a vehicle supposedly to be that of the Junior Minister, drove into the parking lot, the driver of the said vehicle existed and removed a well place no parking signage. A man, who was said to be the security guard of the facilty at the time of the incident, ran to the area of contention and placed the sign back in place. After an altercation, a woman then exited from the back seat of the vehicle, suspected to be that of Junior Minister, Simona Broomes. The woman violently throw the signage on the ground and hurled a few words in the direction of the security guard.

The driver of the vehicle then allegedly pulled a gun on the security guard and threatened him, he later drove the vehicle in a reckless manner and hit another person who was standing in front of the vehicle. The man was not rushed to the hospital nor did he sustained any serious injuries.

Subsequently, two guards were arrested and place in the lockups for a lengthy period. The suspected Minister nor the driver were arrested.

As a matter of fact, Police Crime Chief, Paul Williams, came in strong defense of the suspected Minister and the driver’s actions.

The Crime Chief said, that security guards carrying guns should be more trained and that they should be alerted when persons with a certain caliber of vehicle whether drug lords, businessman, Minister pulls up.

This statement by the Crime Chief came in for some hammering from the  Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations (GAPSO).

According to a statement from the organization as was reported,

“The Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes and her driver at the Massy parking lot at Providence, East Bank Demerara on Sunday 8 July 2018, and the comments made by Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Williams in the Thursday July 12, 2018 edition of the Guyana chronicle newspapers, there is clearly a difference in opinion between the Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations and Mr. Paul Williams in regard to this incident.”

The body further said in a statement “It is unfortunate that a significant Law Enforcement Officer, would state publicly, that after the Minister driver attempted to breach a secure area of a facility, without seeking permission, and the Minister herself throwing several signs on the ground, which constitutes to damage of property, the security personnel should apologise. Would the same (be) required if a Police officer were stationed there? Firstly, The Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations is calling on the Commissioner of Police (Ag), David Ramnarine to explain to the public if the reckless comments made by Mr Williams represents the position of the Guyana Police Force.”

“Secondly, while the incident is beyond comprehension, there are two things we need to ask: was the security’s conduct consistent with their SOP’s? and was the ministerial Code of Conduct breached by the Minister?. The Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations is calling on Minister of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes an elected official who has a responsibility as to act appropriately to explain to the public her actions on the CCTV Video that is in the public domain. Failure to do such, Ms. Simona Broomes must be held accountable for her actions.

The Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations is urging all Security Officers to not allow agitators to seize this moment to advance their often self-serving beliefs of what is erroneous. Do not allow them to bemoan the lack of trust in the private security industry. Do not allow them to beat down the hard working men and women who are security officers, it noted.”

However, another Minister in the Government took it upon her shoulders to apologise to one of the guard at the restaurant. Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence in a Facebook post on July 10, “Tonight I met young Josh Rambarran a security guard at New Thriving Restaurant Providence, who told me a story about what happened to him on

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