More villages under flood waters in Region 8

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) in a submitted report to the Minister of State, Joseph Harmon  indicated that additional villages have also reported flooding. The village of Sandhill has now reported to be under flooding with water steadily rising in the village. According to the report, the entire village of Kaibarupai is under flood waters. The flood water was reported to be between 12 to 20 ft. high and the village has made a request for food and clothing. Kaibarupai has a population of about one hundred people.

The situation in Waipa is about the same as 95% of the village is flooded between 5 to 15 ft. high according to the toshao of the village. Waipa has a pollution of around 320 persons and has also made request for food and clothing.

The Chairman of Region had reported that the more populated villages of Chenapou has had about ten houses half flooded and one house was swept away completely. Food and clothes was also requested.

Minister Harmon told reporters that it is important to note that most of the villages mentioned are between mountains and in valleys and are prone to flooding when it rains and the rainfall flows down the mountains. He also stated there is not much to do in terms of the flood waters except to wait for it to recede.

The CDC, Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the Regional Administration of Region 8 and 9 have all been active and put to monitor the situation. Minister Harmon noted that a GDF patrol is in a village near the area and has been dispatched to render assistance. He also noted that an aircraft has been dispatched from Timehri to have a firsthand look and assistance the full impact.

A further detailed report is to be submitted by the team of the aircraft which was scheduled to leave earlier this morning but was delayed due to bad weather.

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