Nandlall calls on AG to provide answers about local Law school

The Council of Legal Education of the West Indies (CLE), last met over a week ago, I believe in Barbados. Attorney General, Mr. Basil Williams attended the meeting.

You would recall that Mr. Williams resolutely maintained in the media that Guyana was granted permission to establish a local law school. This contention of the AG was contradicted by the Chairman of the Council, who posited that there is no record of the Council ever granting Guyana any such permission.

Both the Chairman of the CLE and the AG told us that the matter was placed on the agenda for the Council meeting, which took place last week. A week after, we have not heard a word from the AG who was hitherto very vociferous and emphatic on his position that the Council granted Guyana permission. He doggedly held firm to this position, notwithstanding his inability to produce any evidence of this alleged permission.

I had initially disclosed that no such permission was granted to Guyana over the past decade. The AG said that I was wrong. He next afflicted the former Chancellor of the Judiciary, Mr. Justice Carl Singh with knowledge of this alleged permission. Justice Singh issued a public disclaimer denying any such knowledge. Nevertheless, the AG refused to change his position on this issue. In the circumstances, the nation, and more particularly our law students are left in confusion as to whether or not permission was indeed granted for Guyana to establish a local law school.

Having attended the meeting of the Council, where the matter was scheduled to be elaborately addressed as an agenda item, the AG is obliged to inform the nation on the outcome of this matter.

His silence after a week is simply unacceptable.

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