New City Mayor and Deputy mayor to be elected on Thursday

Tomorrow, Thursday 15th March, 2018, the Councilors of the City of Georgetown will be electing a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor. This was disclosed by Mayor, Patricia Chase-Greene at the last statutory meeting held on Monday. The elections is scheduled to take place around 14:00hrs.  Patricia Chase-Greene and Lionel Jaikaran are currently serving as Mayor and Deputy Mayor, respectively. The new two are expected to hold office for a period of one year. Sherod Duncan was last Deputy Mayor, he adstained form the elections of Mayor-ship last year.

The current Mayor has been marred with controversy within the past year. There are numerous calls for her and the Town Clerk, Royston King to be dethroned. A silent protest is also expected tomorrow by the Movement against Parking Meter at 12:00hrs in front City Hall.


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