No to gay marriage – Jagdeo

Leader of the opposition Bharrat Jagdeo told media operatives that same sex marriages should not be allowed in Guyana, noting that the country is not ready for that.

He however noted that persons should not be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation.

The Opposition Leader was at the time venting his opinion during a press conference at his office on Church Street on Wednesday.

He stated that the PPP will deal with the issue on a bi-partisan manner and that the political opposition intends to engage the Government on the issue.

“We had two views from public and one the party felt strongly was that people should not be discriminated against because of sexual preference when it comes education, health and other social services,” he noted.

He further stated that while in Government, his party had begun to make legislative changes to the existing colonial laws regarding same sex intimacy. He further stated that the country does not want to see persons being discriminated against based on sexual preference. He compared the existing law with that of the death penalty.

Mr. Jagdeo stated that the law will have to be changed at some point in time.

SASOD, a local group representing person from the Gay community is calling on the Government to rethink its proposal of going to a referendum to deal with the de-criminalizing same sex relations, noting that this will cause the gay community to become more polarized.

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