Op: Ed- No Guyanese qualified for GPL’s CEO position- Nandlall

The Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) uses a cocktail party at the five star Pegasus Hotel to announce that the company needs $110M USD to do that which is necessary to end frequent blackouts.

That massive capital financial investments are needed to modernize the plant, machinery and distribution cables at GPL, in order to end line and other technical losses, as well as the widespread stealing of electricity, are matters in the public domain for nearly two decades.
Therefore, this sudden “eureka” is baffling!

However, more importantly, how much did the cocktail party cost this cash-strapped company? In addition, was it at all necessary, and a prudent expenditure of scare funds to hold a cocktail party, at a five star hotel to welcome a new CEO?

That the Party was held at the hotel owned by Chairman of Board of the corporation adds to the vulgarity.

I note that the new CEO is from Jamaica. I am not at all against the hiring of foreigners, once they are technically qualified for the job. But, I am reminded of the APNU/AFC’s position when the construction of the Marriott Hotel was awarded to Chinese contractors. There were widespread condemnation and protests. We were accused of giving away local jobs to the Chinese.

I remain unconvinced that there are no Guyanese qualified for that job.

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