Op-Ed: PPP wishes all Guyanese well for Labor Day

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) takes this opportunity to extend warmest greetings to all categories of workers and labour leaders throughout the nation on this the occasion of International Workers’ Day or Labour Day, as it is commonly known here.

This significant day, which celebrates the important resource of human labour, allows for workers to rally in solidarity with each other and to further highlight their invaluable contributions to development of Guyana, as well as highlight their gains and challenges in their quest for advancement.

The contributions of workers, which have been the bedrock towards the many struggles for the betterment of lives of our countrymen and women, sometimes go unheralded.

Had it not been for their selfless efforts it would have become difficult for our achievements over time.

The PPP therefore salutes their resoluteness, dedication, innovativeness and forthrightness for the hard work and sacrifices they continue to perform and make every day for their families and all the people of our country.

Our Party is not oblivious of the numerous burdens they are now made to carry as a result of the inept management of the national economy and the harsh measures meted out to them.

With the implementation of a plethora of new taxes, a contracting economy and rising costs of living, our nation’s workers are now made to experience tremendous difficulties to provide for their families.

This harrowing situation is even more heart-wrenching for the thousands of sugar workers who lost their jobs following the callous closure of some estates.

The economic hardships they are now saddled with have led to them being humiliated and an exacerbation of social ills with numerous negative impacts.

As workers march in solidarity on this Labour Day, their plight and that of their compatriots will no doubt be foremost through their voices.

The PPP will continue to stand in solidarity with workers in every stratum in our society and to robustly and fearlessly represent their cause.
The PPP, mindful of the difficulties our workers are now enduring, hopes that in some way, the observances of this May Day will be rewarding.

Once again best wishes to our workers on this their day.


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