Opposition Leader awaits President’s word on top judicial posts

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, says that the decision lies with the president in initiating the process of selecting the country’s substantive Chief Justice and Chancellor, “the ball has always been in the President’s court,” Jagdeo said.

Jagdeo was referring to the letter he sent to the President outlining his position with regards to the selection of the two top judicial posts in the country. The opposition leader’s letter noted that he declined the President’s nominations for the two poisitions. The President while in Opposition, rejected the nominations of the then President Jagdeo for several years. Jagdeo pointed out.

He also told media operatives that the President is yet to get back to him on the way forward, as the President had said that he is seeking legal advice in the matter because he cannot allow one man to hold up the process.

The opposition leader said that he asserts his position and that the President needs to get back to him, “I made it clear, I read my letter,” Jagdeo said.

The country has been without a substantive Chancellor and Chief Justice for a number of years due to the failure of the Opposition Leader and President coming to a consensus. Justice Kenneth Benjamin was nominated by President Granger to head the country’s Judicial body, but no consensus has been reached thus far.

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