Opposition promises resistance if 2020 elections are rigged

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday said that the current state of peace that exists will not exist if the APNU+AFC Coalition rigs the 2020 General elections. Jagdeo made it clear that there will be consequences if the elections are rigged and that the peace and tranquillity that exists will be disturbed,

“There will be consequences if they think that they can rig the elections and have the kind of peace that we have now, they’re wrong very, very wrong,” he noted. Many supporters of the PPP and its leaders are of the strong belief that preparations are being put in place to rig the elections come 2020, a notion President David Granger rejected.

Back in December of 2017, the President brushed aside the notion that he is planning to rig the next elections, “I have never rigged an election in my life, I have no intention of ever doing so,” he said. The President also noted that he does not feel that rigged elections were ideals of the Late President, Forbes Burnham.

The Opposition Leader noted that the appointments to high ranking positions at Gecom with persons strongly perceived to be associated with the PNC will not deter the PPP’s spirit, as the party is fighting for free and fair elections. “I am making it clear about that and it’s not coded language because then the nature of the struggle will be different, we will be struggling against an illegal, illegitimate government,” Jagdeo noted.

On Tuesday last, Gecom was accused by the PPP Commissioners of being ethnically biased in selecting the Deputy Chief Elections Officer. The position was given to a person of African descent, who scored the second highest during the interview, the Commissioners noted.

According to the Commissioners, the Chairman of Gecom, Rtd. Justice James Patterson intervened in the interview process and cast his vote when Mr. Vishnu Persuad, a person of Indian origin, scored the highest. All other persons that were given jobs during that interview process were not persons of Indian origin, the Commissioners noted. The person who was selected for the position was, Roxanne Meyers, an Afro Guyanese, the Commissioners noted.

The PPP will approach the Ethnic Relations Commission on the issue.




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