Patterson, Trotman defends corruption claims by Jagdeo

On Thursday, Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Public Infrastructure, defended thier positions that their Ministries are free from corruption.

In a press release via the DPI, the duo noted that all of the business conducted have been done within the law and regulations.

The ministers rejected the claim and is challenging the Opposition Leader to provide evidence to support his claims.

The release noted that the unsubstantiated claim by the Opposition Leader is nothing more than a red herring and a cheap ‘distractionary’ tactic to divert the public’s attention from the charges laid against former PPP Minister of Finance Ashni Singh and former head of NICIL Winston Brassington.

Mr. Jagdeo knows that much work has been done in uncovering the extreme corruption which was rampant while he was President and the PPP was in government and that the chickens are now coming home to roost.

However, the charges laid so far against former members or affiliate of the PPP while in office are; failing update journals by board members, failing to do a valuation on the sale of lands, just to name a few.

The duo are contending that months of tedious work is now resulting in charges being laid and Mr. Jagdeo knows that very few in his government would be unscathed.


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