“People who vote APNU will vote to increase their rates and taxes”- Jagdeo

The People’s Progressive Party said that it will not increase taxes on property in those areas which it will win at the upcoming Local Government Elections. This is according to General Secretary of the Party, Bharrat Jagdeo on Monday.

Jagdeo said that over the next few days the party will roll out its manifesto which is not a big one, but one which will make a difference in the lives of people. He said that the government has increased too many taxes, which amount to over 200, for the residents of the country, the government collected some $60 billion more per year in taxes since 2014.

The PPP said that it is opposed to any new burden on the people which will be implemented by the government. The party noted that there is a plan afoot to increase the valuation of property, “they hired a company from abroad…over a $100 million they paid them to do a country wide valuation,” Jagdeo said.

Jagdeo who is also the Opposition Leader said that the increase of valuation means that the property taxes will go up, he asserts that any area which the PPP wins, it will not increase rates and taxes. “People who vote APNU will vote to increase their rates and taxes,” he said.

He referred to persons in the New Amsterdam who voted for the APNU during the last LGE and had thier rates and taxes increased by 100%, Jagdeo said. He also noted that the taxes will go up further in that area, because the valuation exercises have started in that area.


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