Persons warned of bogus entities

In recent times, there have been a number educational and other organizations that have been formed in Guyana claiming to offer accredited services. However, somewhere down the line, the victims, who are registrants of these organization, finds out that the entity in which they are registered is bogus. For several reason, either the owner or founder has a shady character or the entity is not registered either by the National Accreditation Council of Guyana or any other accreditation body worldwide.

Sometime during the past month, a known convict, Miguel Nestor, formed an etiquette school here in Guyana and with support of the Government of Guyana as was reported by another Online News outfit. However, the Ministries claim that they didn’t know of the man’s criminal records here in Guyana and Trinidad.

Back in 2014, there was also the setting up of a bogus medical school by a woman who goes by a name Nadia Kisson. Her motive of setting up a so called educational facility was to train nurses. That entity turned out to be bogus. She was seeking accreditation from the NAC for the school, but was never given permission because of her past criminal record.

In 2009, the woman was arrested due to numerous complaints by students that the institution Inter-American Nursing School and its certificates were bogus and that they could not be accepted in Guyana or anywhere else in the world.

There was also a fake pundit that came from India that fleeced unsuspecting victims of monies. Pundit Anand Kumar, he noted that he could gurantee 100% result after a visit to him. He had several operations on the East Bank Essequibo, East Bank Demerara, even in Georgetown, among other places. He made millions from people who sought help that turned out to be fake.

There are several Educational and services institutions that are currently registered with the NAC; Texila American University, Nations Incorporated, Art Williams and Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School, Government Technical Institute, New Guyana School Inc., American University of Peace Studies Inc., American International School of Medicine, Greenheart Medical University, Lincoln American University Inc., University of the Southern Carribean, Guyana Training College for International Skills, Alexander American University, Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology, University of Emergency Care. These registrations are only for a period of time, in which they will have to be renewed.

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