Pirates attack fishing vessel, captain missing

Mahadeo Ramdehal of 145 Kilcoy Corentyne Berbice is feared dead after his boat and crew were attacked by pirates on Tuesday evening in the Corentyne River.

The captain and crew of two were attacked by only two pirates who approached their boat and demanded that they hand over their catch and engine which they did.

After instructing the victims to join their boat, the pirates then drove off and then demanded that the captain and his crew jump into the water and they did.

It was reported to the police by two of the men who survived that their captain could not make it to shore as he did not have the strength to swim the distance before they were rescued by a passing boat.

The masked pirates, who were armed with cutlasses, drove away in the Corentyne Rover after carrying out their attack. A search has been launched for the captain of the boat.

The crew went to ply their trade on Monday after leaving one of the foreshores along to the Corentyne Coast.
They items taken from them were identfed as 40 horse power engine and their entire catch for the two days. The attack took place just after 18:00hrs in the Tain waters.
The police at Whim have since launched an investigation into the matter.

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