PM’s luxury vehicle purchase raises concerns

PM’s luxury vehicle purchase raises concerns


The circumstances surrounding the purchase of a $13 million luxury vehicle for Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo have raised eyebrows, according to member of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly, Juan Edghill.

The payment was paid in full by the Office of the Prime Minister, but according to the Committee member the manner under which the vehicle was bought is in breach of accounting rules.

Guyana Daily News understands that the disclosure was made on Monday by the PAC, where it was noted that the vehicle was purchased in 2016 from Beharry Automotive Sales, since it is the only company that sold such vehicles.

Suspicions were raised as to why two cheques amounting to $13 million reflected payments that amounted to the exact sum and was also done at the same time the luxury vehicle was purchased.

Based on investigations, the PAC was told that the cheques were a mistake but this aroused further suspicions among the Committee members.

Guyana Daily News was also reliably informed that the said monies were paid in full but the vehicle was delivered several months after it was purchased.

“Accounting rules are not to be breached even if the vehicle was meant for the Prime Minister, protocols were breached,” said Edghill.

A review of the 2015 budget revealed that a total of $22 million was allocated for the purchase of a vehicle for Mr. Nagamootoo and the PAC members are questioning what happened to the remainder of the monies.

The PAC was also told the remainder was used to purchase a motorcycle which amounted to $200,000 and a motor car, all of which were sourced, according to Edghill.

The Prime Minister inherited a fleet of 22 vehicles after he took office.


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