PNC/R failed to capture youths at highest level of party

The People’s National Congress Reform (RNC/R) on Thursday released the list of top executives emerging from the recently held 20th Biennial Delegates Congress at the weekend.

Making up the new PNCR Central Executive Committee includes two former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defense Force and a former Police Commissioner. Emerging at the top of the list is the only youth, Christopher Jones, who is the director of the National Sports Commission.

According to the PNCR release; Jones got 382 votes, seconded by Aubrey Norton with 354, Winston Filex with 305, son-in-law of the party’s founder, Forbes Burnham, Dr. Van West-Charles with 291. Government Chief Whip, Amna Ally 277, Mortimor Mingo 236, Clement Corlette 208, Cherly Sampson 205, Thandi Mcllister 189, Former GDF Chief-of Staff, Gary Best 184, Genevieve Allen 164, Jennifer Ferreira-Dougal 152, Dr. Karen Cummings 148 and Basil Blackman 147.

On Thursday, Opposition Leader said that the PNCR has been using youths as a show with photo-ops as this is evident in the recent elections where only one youth was elected to the Central Executive Committee. Jagdeo noted that his party have lots of youths in the Executive Committee. He also weighed in on the Chairperson of the party Volda Lawrence not being able to command a majority of votes, he noted that this is bad for the party, “I do know is that not a single one of the three persons who contested commanded a majority of the delegates and that’s an extremely weak position to be in” Jagdeo said.


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