PNCR supports cleansing list of electors

With high suspicions from a wide cross section of the Guyanese population that the ruling APNU+AFC regime will rig the 2020 General and Regional Election, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) General Secretary, Amna Ally endorses the move to have the list of electors sanitized.

The PPP just days ago, said that it is pleased that Gecom is sanitizing the list of electors, “One of the tasks undertaken by GECOM and stakeholders is to cleanse the list of deceased persons, based upon information generated by the General Registrar’s Office (GRO), which is responsible for the issuance of Certificates of Death.”

The PNC has been accused for massive electoral fraud in the past, such as rigging of elections. However, the GS is claiming that the PPP was involved in similar practices, a claim which has had very little if not any validity, “We do not have to meddle and tamper with official records of a country like the PPP/C did, Ally noted.

Ally also noted that the country has moved to an advanced stage and more progressive under the APNU+AFC and that the PPP might be confused, “Do not be confused by the digitisation of records, accept that you did not have the vision to do it during your tenure.”


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