Police also have role to play in preventing domestic violence- Ramjattan

While the police will never be able to know who is planning to commit an act of domestic violence against his or her spouse, they do have an obligation as far as possible to ensure there is prevention.

This is according to Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan during an interview with Guyana Daily News.

Ramjattan said that the prevention will come when people see or suspect that someone else is being abused come forward and inform the police.

He stressed too, that outside of the police, faith based bodies, organisations, communities and schools have their part to play in this process.

The minister said that much of what is being witnessed today as it relates to domestic violence, has to do with poor education, parenting and weak or no community involvement in what is going on with those who live among and around them.

Of recent, there have been several persons who have suffered at the hands of domestic abuse and in many cases, the victims ends up dead.

In 80 percent of the reported cases, the victims are women and perpetrators men.

There are instances where the men take their own lives after committing the act.

Ramjattan said he is of the view that depression and bad relationships does have a part to play in what people are experiecing as it relates to domestic violence.

Over the last few weeks four women have been killed in almost all the extrems of the country, as a result of voilence against them by men. There are cases where other would have been hospitalised.

The Public Security Minister noted that while the cases are of concern to the government, he is of the view that the issue has to be tackled from a non-law enforcement stand point.

The police cannot be at their stations and on patrol and know when a man will shoot his spouse or severe the limb of a partner etc, he concluded.

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